About Christel Lukoff

Christel Lukoff, Ph.D., MFT

is a psychotherapist in private practice, a hospice social worker, and a storyteller in Petaluma, California. As a social worker and therapist, she is an active listener and witness to many people’s life stories, helping them find renewed meaning and restore their lives through re-story-ing. As a storyteller, she utilizes her collection of folktales in three areas of hospice work: death education, direct care of patients/families, and bereavement. In addition, she teaches workshops on the educational and therapeutic use of traditional stories to licensed health professionals and hospice staff throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area, Europe (especially Germany), and South America. She has published two CDs, “When Life and Death Walk Together” and “Stories of Love and Loss” and several journal articles.

Contact Christel Lukoff at christel.lukoff [at] gmail.com

Christel Lukoff, Dipl. Psych., Ph.D.

lebt seit 30 Jahren in Kalifornien, wo sie als Psychotherapeutin in freier Praxis und als Sozialarbeiterin in einer der ältesten ambulanten Hospizeinrichtungen der USA tätig ist. Für die Hospitz erzählt sie Märchen in der Öffentlichkeitsarbeit und untersucht deren Heilungspotential in der Begleitung von Sterbenden und Trauernden. Christel hat 2 CDs in englischer Sprache veröffentlicht: 
“When Life and Death Walk Together” und “Stories of Love and Loss.”

Kontakt: Christel Lukoff at christel.lukoff [at] gmail.com